Delta Danube is a mushroom production and processing plant. The company facility is located in Kovin, Republic of Serbia, on the banks of the Danube River. Delta Danube is part of PT Ekar Timur Raia Group (ETIRA) from Indonesia. ETIRA is the largest producer and processor of mushrooms in Indonesia with daily production of 40 tons of fresh mushrooms. We rely on many years of experience from Indonesia, where ETIRA owns two mushroom production facilities in Java: one in the East and the other in the central part of Java.


We use technologies from the Netherlands and bring experience in the production of mushrooms from Indonesia to Serbia. The farm also serves as a source of professional knowledge and expertise in the field of mushroom growing, developing innovative cultivation techniques, expanding consumers’ awareness to mushroom varieties and creating numerous tasty recipes that anyone can prepare at home.


Our goal is to meet the needs of the users and to be a unique source for all their needs, both fresh and frozen mushrooms. Responsibility toward heritage, tradition and local community motivates us to continuously explore new technologies and to improve our products in accordance with the highest standards, so that a greater number of gourmets around the world could experience the authentic flavor.